1959 Corvette

Posted on Thursday, March 19th

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1959-corvette-031959 Chevrolet Corvette Hard Top

This ’59 Vette is up to it’s axles in weeds and snow. According to the owner it’s been sitting in this field in the California high country for more than 20 years! Man, this baby is just screaming to be restored!

Under the hood is a 327 cid backed by a 4 speed. Owner claims mileage is just over 17,000! Obviously no rust on the fiberglass, but pretty bad oxidation on the original paint. Check out the Rocket wheels!

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1953 – 1962 Corvette’s for sale now on eBay:

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8 Responses to “1959 Corvette”

  1. Paul Wolf says:

    Interested in 1959 Corvette in California high country. Contact info? Price?
    Please contact me.

  2. Rich Wahlers says:

    I like that car,I even think that color looks good.Do you know of any other early vettes that are for sale?

  3. Gary Nelson says:

    Nice old Corvette. I had one like this when I was 21. Where in the Calif. high country? I have never seen it.

  4. RANDY SMITH says:

    i am intrested in talking to the man that had the 1963 coupe burned if you could contact me please at rsmith60@mymail.coop
    Thanks Randy

  5. tony mariani says:

    Where ever that 1959 in the weeds of snow Corvette is I would love to have it restored…handsome finders fee for it or another of same vintage.
    $5000 just for a finders fee but car must be able to be bought by me…
    443-497-4448 just ask for Tony M.

  6. Chas says:

    Hard to believe that this car was parked after 17,000 miles. Why does it have a 327? It’s not original. With a non-original 327 and questionable mileage, this car is perfect for restoring it into a daily driver, a car that can be enjoyed and used versus taking up real estate in a garage or living room.

  7. coskun bicer says:

    I like that car,I even think that color looks good.Do you know of any other early vettes that are for sale $ 6500

  8. jerry kniess says:

    This Corvette listed as a 1959 is a 1960 which I owned in Tipp City,Ohio in 1963 and 1964…Very little change….It was solid paint and I painted just the rear of the coves like the picture shows in bright white..[too bright] it was a 283/270 and if you look at the hood close you can see a brown circle from a front carb fire…Bought it for $1800 and keep it less than two years and sold it for $1650 and thought I did great!

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