1959 Corvette For Sale

Posted on Friday, February 24th

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1959-corvette-031959 Chevrolet Corvette Uncovered

Barry sends in this 1959 Corvette that’s been uncovered after a few decades. He said it was found in a guy’s shop after sitting for 28 years. It comes with a fresh 283 matching motor, a 4 speed out of a 1961 Vette and both tops. It would be great to see a classic Corvette like this back on the road.

Edit Monday, February 27, 2012 – This Corvette has now been sold. Good luck to the new owner. Hope to see some progress photos of the restoration.

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2 Responses to “1959 Corvette For Sale”

  1. barry lands says:

    just sold my 59 vette , its gone.

  2. Boulard says:

    Hello, I have bought this car to Dylan Stalh. I am French and I have never seen the car, just photos. Could you tell me if there was the convertible top ? I have already asked Dylan, but he is busy and did not answer all my questions. Have you got information about the engine and the gear box ?The car is now ready to go to France via Import Society. If you have information about the story of this car, it would be great. Regards. Laurent Boulard

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