1963 Impala SS 409

Posted on Monday, May 7th

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An original Powerglide Super Sport

Wow! What a cool ’63 Impala project car! Not only is it one of the greatest looking of the early Impalas, but it’s a factory 409 “Turbo Thrust” car. You know, as in the famous Beach Boys song? And to top it off it has the rare SS (Super Sport) package, factory black vinyl top and a Powerglide automatic transmission.

The big problem is the engine and transmission are gone. That’s a big part of this car’s rarity and worth. There’s rust in this car, but not as much as you might expect. It’s been sitting in the desert for three decades, which certainly has helped protect the sheet metal from the worst of it. There are some pinholes and surface rust, but supposedly the areas of full rust through are small, like the lower sections of both front fenders. Really it looks like a very straight Impala that hasn’t been messed with too much over the years. It would be great a rare Chevrolet like this restored.

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  1. Corrina says:

    My husband has a 63 Impala SS 2 dr hard top coupe 409. It’s been sitting in the desert forever and has some issues but otherwise is intact with the original engine and parts. He wants to sell it but I have no idea where to start..help

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