1964 Corvette Barn Find

Posted on Monday, December 24th

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1959-corvette-031964 Corvette – Barn Stored for 30 years

This ’64 Vette was recently pulled out of storage after sitting for 30 years. It looks to be pretty much intact with the exception of some poor modification decisions by a previous owner. Luckily the original engine and transmission are still there, although the heads are long gone. But the block and intake are matching numbers, so that’s a start.

Really the worst things about this car are the modifications by a previous owner. The fiberglass repair you see at the rear is where some hideous wing/spoiler thing was removed. The hood has been totally hacked up and is a disaster. It’s like someone wanted to put stacks up through it or something. Or maybe some homegrown forced air induction system. Whatever the history it needs some expert patch work to be usable again.

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2 Responses to “1964 Corvette Barn Find”

  1. Rene Provencher says:

    My first frame off was a 64 convertible with hardtop! Had to sell the hardtop to finish the car. In 1973 to 1977 I redid this car. 23k later I sold it for $8500. Yes cars didn’t do well then. Someone got a completely new car. But it was all original except for headlights. Could not find (no web then) headlights systems. Did them like a shark. This is why I sold it cheap. Numbers all matched. Boosted the 327 as high as I could.

  2. Rene Provencher says:

    You do not build these to make a fortune, you redo them to save them. Learn the tricks of redoing good fiberglassing. I now use carbon fiber! Never crack!

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