1955 Thunderbird – Extra Crispy

Posted on Thursday, December 1st

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1955-thunderbird-fire1955 Ford Thunderbird Charbroiled

There’s not much chance of bringing this Tbird back from it’s fiery grave. The storage shed is sat in for years went up in flames with the rest of the house and that’s all she wrote for this old Ford. Too bad. It’s getting harder to find a decent classic T-bird for sale and it sounds like this one was in good shape before it got BBQ’ed. Insurance probably cut a nice fat check, but it’s not going to get this Thunderbird back on the road.

1955 was the inaugural year for the Thunderbird. It started out as a 2 seater convertible and was likened to the recently introduced sporty 1953 Corvette. But Ford didn’t market it that way, instead calling the Thunderbird a “personal car”. This started the personal luxury car niche and the Tbird evolved over the years into a larger, more luxurious version of it’s former self.

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1955 – 1957 Ford Thunderbirds for sale now on eBay:

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