1970 Superbird 440 Car-B-Q

Posted on Saturday, September 17th

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1969-roadrunner-11970 Superbird Barn (on fire) Find

This Plymouth Superbird for sale on ebay right now is smokin’ hot… as in literally on fire! OK, sorry for the bad pun, but there is an interesting story behind this crispy muscle car. See the info from the seller below.

This was once a fully restored super rare 1970 Superbird with a 440 6 pack (triple 2 barrel carbs) and a 727 automatic transmission. It was originally clad in Tor Red, although now it’s mostly surface rust and charcoal.

From the seller:

Remember about 6 years ago when the economy was good, the stock market was good, and the car market was booming ?  Well the muscle car market was moving leaps and bounds, but the economy wasn’t moving as fast. So lots of money guys, guys who couldn’t tell the difference between a Cuda and a Roadrunner, started putting their money into cars. Eight years ago this was a rotissere restored Superbird that was appraised at $175,000. I have the appraisal to prove it.

When the muscle car market dropped this guy panicked, because he had a huge garage full of high dollar cars, which all of a sudden weren’t worth what he had in them.  So he went in and dropped shelves, junk, etc on his cars (to increase the damage) then set fire to the place and collected on the insurance. I have that paperwork too. Unfortunately while all the insurance paperwork was being finished, checks written, and a new owner found, the car sat outside in the weather. Hence the rusty appearance. When you first glance at the car it doesn’t look good. But its deceiving. The car was in a garage that started on fire, however the car didn’t get that hot.  Alot of original paint is still on the car, the damage your seeing is almost entirely from stuff he dropped on it. Basically dents/dings, all very fixable.

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Plymouth Roadrunners for sale now on eBay:

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