1969 Firebird

Posted on Monday, June 14th

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1969 Pontiac Firebird

Not a whole lot of information to go by on this Firebird. According to the owner it’s a factory Orange car with a white interior. But Orange wasn’t a factory color, so it looks like Matador Red (paint code 52) or maybe Burgundy (code 67) but it’s hard to tell with so many years of the sun beating down on it. The motor is gone, but it still has the factory 3 speed transmission. You just have to pull it out of the trunk!

From the photos it seems the owner has a few more decent classic cars rusting away in his collection. It’s really a shame when vintage and muscle cars like this just get abandoned out in a field and the owner won’t part with them. They always say they’re going to restore them, but year after year there they still sit.

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Pontiac Firebird’s for sale now on eBay:

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3 Responses to “1969 Firebird”

  1. Matt says:

    That car is a factory maroon color hands down. I just painted one that was that color carousel red a couple months ago. day and night color schemes

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for the clarification Matt. I’ve edited the post above.

  3. Carousel Red says:

    Please be aware orange was available. It was an extra cost paint code option Code 72, Carousel Red was the name, same as Chevy Hugger Orange on Camaro and Monaco Orange on Chevelle, all were shown as Code 72 on the Trim Tag.

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