1967 Corvette Convertible

Posted on Wednesday, February 15th

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1968-corvette-31967 Chevrolet Corvette Big Block

This is one of those I-Spy games. Can you find the muscle car hidden in these pictures? I’m told this twisted mass of rusted metal is a ’67 Corvette. A 427 cid big block no less. But unless you’ve got a sharp eye for Corvettes you wouldn’t know it.

The story behind the particular Corvette started 30 years ago when it was rolled in a dramatic crash. It’s just been sitting ever since, probably because even with sky high big block Corvette prices there’s not enough left to justify a restoration. Probably the only thing that would be worth salvaging would be the title, which apparently the owner can’t find after all these years. So this may be one of those Corvettes that eventually rusts away to nothing. Pretty sad.

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