1969 Fairlane Convertible

Posted on Tuesday, February 21st

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Barn Find Ford Fairlane drop top

Hardly any info was supplied about this 1969 Fairlane that was for sale recently. It was advertised as the proverbial “barn find” (an absurdly overused catch phrase in today’s collector car market) Not exactly a super rare find, but it does appear to have been in storage for a few decades. Lots of dust on this Ford and it’s stall mates, which look kind of interesting too.

The Fairlane looks to be in decent shape, under all those layers of time. Most body panels are in good shape and don’t seem to be badly rusted or crunched. The top and interior are shot, but those aren’t hard restoration projects. The original 351 seems to be in place, although it’s missing the carb and front dressings (power steering pump, AC compressor, radiator, etc) It’s not going to fire right up, but would look good on a trailer heading to it’s new home..


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Ford Fairlanes for sale now on eBay:

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