1969 Camaro Pace Car Shell

Posted on Sunday, September 15th

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What’s left of a Indy 500 Pace Car Camaro

Here’s another 1969 Camaro Convertible Indy 500 Pace car that’s begging to be restored. This one is a bit more rough around the edges and not as well documented. It’s been off the road since 1975! Apparently all the tags were taken off and lost during that time.

The missing tags are a shame, but there’s still some evidence that this was one of the 3,675 limited edition replica cars that Chevy produced to commemorate the Camaro’s second time as an Indy pace car in just 3 years. The paint appears to still be the original Dover white paint, complete with Hugger Orange Z28 style body stripes. The ’69 pace cars also had matching orange and black hounds tooth interiors, although there’s nothing left on this car.  They were all convertibles and all had the RS & SS packages. That alone makes them very desirable collectibles, even without the Indy history.

This one isn’t much more than a shell. The rear quarter panel has been butchered, the trunk, front clip and hood are missing, not to mention the engine and transmission. It looks like someone just mowed around it, but it’s obvious that it’s been sitting in the weeds for decades. This Camaro might make it back on the road some day, but it will take a special buyer willing to put in a boat load of cash and time to resurrect.

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