1968 Mustang Fastback 390 GT

Posted on Tuesday, October 1st

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Factory Big Block, 4 Speed Mustang in the weeds!

Wow, this hurts the eyes; a factory big block 1968 Mustang fastback with weeds growing through the floor boards! It’s been sitting in the Florida salt air for who knows how long, which you can tell by the surface rust on every square inch.

This is a really desirable Mustang with some great options. In addition to the factory S-code 390-4bbl FE engine it’s also a 4 speed car with a limited slip rear end. And it’s a GT… and a fastback… and it’s Candyapple Red! Other options included power disc brakes, power steering, 8000 RMP tachometer, electric clock and tinted windows. All of this is verified with a Marti report.

But as a potential restoration candidate how do you get past all that rust? It’s not just surface rust. That cancer is in deep. The floor boards are totally gone with weeds coming up through them. Many of the body seams and area near the fastback roof are swiss cheese. Who knows what the frame rails look like, but they can’t be good. It’s also missing the engine, transmission and rear end, so you’ll never find the original VIN stamped 390 engine again. It was probably yanked out 20 years ago at least.

There’s a lot of potential for this great Mustang, but a hell of a lot of work needed too. But I’m sure someone will restore it. A factory big block GT fastback is just worth too much money to let rust away to nothing.


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