1966 Dodge Charger

Posted on Saturday, March 28th

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1966-dodge-charger-041966 Dodge Charger

This Charger is a little crispy after an engine fire. The hood, windshield, dash and drivers door are torched and need serious work.

It’s too bad too, because it looks like a bit of work had been done to this car. Note the shaved door handles and very straight body panels. Also has a late model fuel injected 5.9 Magnum under that BBQ’d hood.

The Dodge Charger is maybe most famous (in TV land at least) for it’s starring role as the General Lee in the show Dukes of Hazard. The Chargers used for filming were all 1968 & 1969 models, but they helped make the entire line of classic Chargers popular again.

And who can forget the Dodge Charger in the Steve McQueen movie “BULLITT”? The chase through the hilly streets of San Francisco between a black 1968 Charger and the McQueens Highland Green 1968 Mustang fastback is considered by many to be the greatest car chase scene ever.

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4 Responses to “1966 Dodge Charger”

  1. chris says:

    if this 66 dodge charger gets parted out I could use the drivers top short corner fender trim. It is a shame to see it burnt up

  2. Craig says:

    This was my car that caught fire as I was driving it.(High pressure fuel line broke) If there is any info on were it is I would appreciate it greatly. I built it from the ground up and owned it for 16 years before the fire and I should of bought it back when it happened. Thank you for your time.


  3. Tim keplinger says:

    hey Craig I’m Tim I own your 66 now I’m getting ready to restore it it’s a shame it caught fire but she will be up and running shortly if you see this post give me a call I would like to hear your story on this beauty 330 663 6592

  4. jason says:

    Craig, i’m building a 66 now and was wondering how exactly you shaved the handles off the door and utilized the solenoid with the star catches on the door? Did it work find with them or did you convert the latches and catches with something more modern? Thanks. And sorry about your car

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