1966 GTO Tri-Power

Posted on Wednesday, April 1st

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1966-gto-tri-power01966 Pontiac GTO Tri-Power

It’s hard to beat a factory Tr-Power GTO for wow factor. Plus it’s got a 4 speed transmission, 3.55 posi rear and power steering. This one looks like a decent candidate for a full restoration. Sure it has plenty of surface rust, but maybe not much structural cancer.

In 1966 they actually made fewer coupes than convertibles, so that plus the Tri-Power makes this one pretty rare. Of course rare and value don’t always mean the same thing. I’d still rather have a drop top!

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Pontiac GTO’s for sale now on eBay:

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6 Responses to “1966 GTO Tri-Power”

  1. Zac Melcher says:

    This is exactly the thing I want. It’s broken down but still restorable. I am only in high school but I need a cool hobby, and fixing up sweet muscle cars is just the right thing.

  2. Marty says:

    I wish i could own a ’66 gto it’s my dream car. At the moment i drive a ’65 coupe deville but i live in the netherlands and there are very little 66 gto’s i have seen one so far. and never seen a ’66 gto for sale over here.. and shipping costs to much 🙁 hopefully soon in the future i hope to buy and restore or buy a restored one.

  3. Zack Leggett says:

    I just wish I can find an old muscle to rebuild cheap and close.

  4. jando says:

    same here my big bro is gettn my dads old car so im screwed

  5. Cody says:

    I wish this was for sale or even parts, I need quite a bit of stuff for my ’66 GTO post coupe. Of course, if I had the whole car my ’66 would probably become the parts car or sold.

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