1947 Ford Sedan

Posted on Sunday, May 23rd

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1947-ford-sedan-21947 Ford Deluxe 2-Door Sedan

UPDATE – MAY, 2010 – What a small world the internet has created. The very same ’47 Sedan in this article was sold and the new owner has started bringing it back to life. He was actually searching the internet for parts when he stumbled across this site and found photos of his car! (see comments below)

Well, he was good enough to send some progress photos of the work he’s done so far. Thanks and please keep us updated on your project!

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1947 Ford Deluxe 2-Door Sedan

This is the kind of project you just love to come across hiding behind some old farm house or barn in the midwest. How much of this ’47 Ford’s 60 years do you think it’s spent sitting in the weeds? Long enough to grow them through the interior.

The sheet metal on these old Sedans is amazing. Nothing today compares, and even the thicker steel of the 60’s & 70’s Muscle Cars doesn’t hold up as well as 40’s bodies. Sure it’s got rust everywhere, but it’s almost all surface rust. The structure is still solid after 60 years and ready to be brought back to life as a cool hot rod or even full restoration.

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What do you think? Feel free to leave your comments below.

4 Responses to “1947 Ford Sedan”

  1. daniel johnson says:

    what i find to be wild. is i am up here on the internet browsing for a picture of a trunk for a 1947 ford super deluxe. i am restoring one. and i come acrost the pictures of this car. the funny and wild part is the car in these pictures is now sitting in my garage here in akron ohio. i dont know who or when these pictures were posted on this web site but this car has come a long ways from what it looks like here.

  2. daniel johnson says:

    amazingly the front floor pans on this car are solid. only a couple of holes the size of a quarter. the rear floor pans only have a couple of holes mainly where the floor meets the seat rizer at the corners. about the size of a silver dollar. all of the cancer is in the trunk pan and the lower inner wheel wells. not too hard to do the trunk pan in this one. other than that its all surface rust. 2 pin holes in the left rear of the roof, the size of a needle. the original radio still works.

  3. joe campbell says:

    saw your pictures,and was wondering if you somebody looking for another car or yourself?
    i have a 1946 super deluxe 4 doors,not sure how old this sites is, but it worth a shot.
    e-mail me at joecampbell3@comcast.net
    or at jcampbell@cherrysind.com

  4. dan johnson says:

    inah, i have tons of parts for this car. i bought two of thease right out of a town outside of st louis mo. where the original pictures were taken, then i aquired 2 more that we took parts from then sold. i will have to send in some more pictures of this. its almost done and bout ready for paint. since my last submited photos we kept the body and interior original, the drive tran got a fuel injected ford v6 a 5 speed manual transmission, and a ford disk brake rear end, all the suspention was left original besides a bolt on disk brake kit for the front. left the single leaf spring in the rear. and all new interior kit from dennis carpenter, and bolt on power brakes from classic auto parts. kept the brake, and clutch peddles original style. its come a long ways and its no longer in ohio anymore since i have moved to P.a last year. unfortinitaly rite after we moved to pa this car went threw the sept 2011 flood and was submerged under water for about a week, so we were set back almost to the starting point and had to re do everything all over again. all the mud and flood water did one heck of a number on it and wiped out the engine that we had in it.

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