1970 Superbird

Posted on Wednesday, May 27th

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1970-superbird-021970 Plymouth Superbird Roadrunner

Recently pulled out from storage, this would be a great project to jump on. It’s an original 440 4bbl car backed up by a console shift automatic. Unfortunately neither the engine or trans in it now are original. Not the easiest (or cheapest) engine to track down, but it’s doable.

The previous owner had started the restoration and got as far as stripping the body down to bare metal. So it has a nice coat of surface rust over the whole car, except for those fiberglass parts of course! Those are still the original “Alpine White“. But really other than the rear quarters the rust doesn’t look too bad if it’s not pitted the body yet. This is an east coast car, so the fact that it’s still very solid means it didn’t spend much time on those salty roads.

The wing looks to be in good shape and most other parts are there. The head lights are missing, which again will require some detective work to track down. The Roadrunner decal is even still there! Beep-Beep!

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Plymouth Roadrunners for sale now on eBay:

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  1. Erik says:

    The 440 was one sweet engine back then, a lot of horsepower in that monster engine!

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