1967-68 Fastbacks

Posted on Sunday, April 26th

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1968-mustang-fastbacks-3Three 1967-68 Mustang Fastbacks

How would you like to stumble upon this find? Not one, not two, but three classic Mustang fastbacks. Two are 1968’s and one is a 1967. Having 3 shells to start with seems like a good deal at first, but as you study these neglected Muscle cars more the appeal starts to wear off. They all need the same things, so the strategy of combining into one nice project doesn’t work very well. They all need serious sheet metal work, especially in the rear quarter panels. I’m not sure there’s a straight panel between all 3 cars.

Unfortunately we’re left to guess at original equipment. No info was given on engines, transmissions or options. But the desirable fastback body style is worth something even as a pure shell. You could make a very cool set of drag racing triplets! Or maybe one restoration, one daily driver and one resto-mod!

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1967 & 1968 Mustangs for sale now on eBay:

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One Response to “1967-68 Fastbacks”

  1. Aidan says:

    Aww Mann…I HATE seeing stuff like this…IF I were a rally car driver and was halfway across the US and herd about this,ID race across the whole Us to get them… Not caring about the cops…If they WERE for sale,I would give 10000 for all 3…Man! that blue and bronze ones that are parked next to each other ARE KILLING ME!!!where is the location,I wanna check this out…

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