1956 Corvette Convertible

Posted on Wednesday, May 13th

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1956-chevrolet-corvette-061956 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible

This ’56 Corvette shell and chassis has been sitting in storage for over 35 years. It was stripped in 1974 for a restoration, but as we all know sometimes real life gets in the way of our hobbies. The original 265 engine is long gone as is the rest of the drive train. No word on whether this was originally a 3 speed manual or a Powerglide automatic.

The body looks ugly, but seems pretty straight under those multiple layers of paint and primer. There were 3467 Corvettes produced in 1956, which is a big part of the reason for their value. Compare the early Corvette production numbers to something like the Mustang, which had over 500,000 produced it’s first year.

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1953 – 1962 Corvette’s for sale now on eBay:

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7 Responses to “1956 Corvette Convertible”

  1. Doug says:

    How much for the car and where are you located

  2. admin says:

    Sorry, this one isn’t for sale. It was submitted by someone, but they said it was a car they had been trying to get for a while and it wasn’t for sale.

  3. david graziani says:

    i dave graziani bought this car near detroit mich.approx 4 years ago along with many untold problems and missing parts that was told that they were in the boxes after 50,000 later it became a 1956 corvette again. buyers beware on these older corvettes most owners will tell you anything to sell you junk.and most of them dont have a clue even what they are even selling in the first place .thanks dave graziani phoenix az .

  4. Fred Ellermann says:

    I suggest parting this car out i.e. fenders,trunk lid body parts, seat frame and springs, steering wheel. The cost to restore this car would be overwhelming and would NEVER be done.

  5. Rene Provencher says:

    I have taken a 69 and have brought it back to life from a junker! Yes Corvette America made a lot of money off of me. But 34 grand later, this is a gem! Well it will be as soon as the carpeting and seats go back in. Everything is new from frame up. Including rear end, new Vintage air, complete engine rebuild and trans. 6 years of work. To recoup I need over 50K. Will get maybe 34K. So much fun. Want to do a 54.

  6. frankie says:

    I feel for any one restoring a 56 . as i am doing as such as i write this
    Some of the parts a extremely hard to find (power top parts and relays ).some parts are exclusive to 1956 ,i cant count the time i have spent on the computer and traveling for parts ,next year i hope to have this beauty up and running although all wont be 100% correct i look forward to driving thios in my life time
    serial # E56S001761

  7. Michael Morton says:

    I love it, NCRS has ALL of you thinking RESTORED to NEW. Why? Why not just put the car back on the road as a driver, and go have the time of your life with it? Why you working so hard satisfy somebody else’s expectations? Speaking of working, how many buy with intent to do most of it themselves?

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