1968 Shelby Barn Find?

Posted on Sunday, July 1st

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Shelby GT-500 KR sitting since 1975?

Isn’t it every car guy’s dream to find some old forgotten barn somewhere, pull a tarp back and find a jewel like this? A 1968 Shelby GT-500 KR convertible would make the ultimate barn find! But alas, this one isn’t real. Well, it’s a real barn find, but not a real Shelby.

This 1968 Mustang convertible started life as a 6 cylinder 3 speed car. It was only 5 years off the assembly line when the original owner started converting it into a Shelby clone race car in 1973. He died a few years later and the car has just been sitting rusting away since 1975. The conversion was only half finished, but most of the parts were there. And the cool part is they were all NOS parts directly from Ford in the early 70’s. These real Shelby parts might be worth more than the car at this point!  NOS parts include fog light supports, headlight buckets, fiberglass side scoops, tail light panels, rear quarter end caps, front fenders and GT rear valance.

It even still has two original warranty cards that were in the glove box showing last registration in 1972. Talk about a time capsule! This is a great barn find Mustang, even without being a real Shelby.
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