1967 Firebird

Posted on Sunday, July 15th

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Picked up for $2000

A lucky car guy picked up this ’67 Firebird for $2,000 recently at auction. It’s got rust in the usual places, but overall pretty solid. The frame rails and trunk are in particularly good shape considering how long it’s been sitting out in the South.

In the plus column it has a factory hood mounted tachometer, scoop hood, factory tilt steering column and reasonably solid body. Now for the bad; the engine and transmission are long gone. It’s not like it was some super rare 400 cid Ram Air or anything, but it’s always nice to have the original engine for restoration. Also, this Firebird looks like it was the victim of a typical 1980’s restomod attempt. Check out the flared rear fenders and the plexiglass sunroof. Like, gag me with a spoon.
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Pontiac Firebird’s for sale now on eBay:

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