1969 Mustang Cobra Jet

Posted on Saturday, June 1st

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1969-mach-1-3Factory 428 CJ Mach 1

Classic Mustang + Factory 428 CJ = High Dollar. Take this ’69 Mach 1 for example. It’s essentially just a rolling shell (minus engine) and it still sold for over $18,000 recently on eBay! Apparently the 428 CJ is a powerful motivator to the checkbook as well as on the pavement!

Unfortunately the factory 428 Cobra Jet engine is missing along with the original C6 automatic transmission. It has a C6, but not the correct 428 version. The original 31 spline Ford 9″ rear end is still with the car, so that’s one less part to track down.

It’s been garage stored for more than 20 years, but it was stored in the shape you see it today. Being an east coast Mustang all it’s life there’s quite a bit of rust, even though it was stored out of the weather. It needs rust repair to the torque boxes, battery tray area, rear frame rails and floor pans. And based on the photos there seems to be quite a bit more rust hiding under the paint. Check those rear quarter panels.

It’s certainly a restorable car, but there’s a lot of work ahead for the new owner… and he’s already into it for over $18k! Good luck! Hope to see it back on the road soon.

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1969 & 1970 Mustangs for sale now on eBay:

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  1. admin says:

    Before asking if this car is for sale, it is not. These photos were submitted by other visitors just to show these cars rusting away. I have no contact info for the seller.

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