1969 Torino 428 CJ

Posted on Saturday, February 28th

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1969-torino-428-cj-11969 Ford Torino 428 Cobra Jet + Ram Air

This is a true “R” code Cobra Jet Torino. And to sweeten the deal, the famous 428-4V was topped with factory RAM air and backed up by a 4 speed. All numbers match, engine block and carburetor. Engine wasn’t running at the time of these photos, but it wasn’t seized and turned over fine.

The color is Indian Fire with Nugget Gold interior, making it one of only 9 1969 Torino’s with that color combo according to the Marti report. Other options included console, Power Disc Brakes, Power Steering, AM Radio, Deluxe seat belts and chrome styled steel wheels.

This car was found under a storage shed in the Southwest, where it’s been sitting for at least 25 years. Luckily that arid climate didn’t attack the sheet metal too badly. There’s a lot of surface rust, but not much structural cancer.

According to the owner the damaged quarter panel is “a result of a large animal rubbing up against the car”. Classic! So, was it in a “storage shed” or a stable?

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2 Responses to “1969 Torino 428 CJ”

  1. Curt Love says:

    Is this car still for sale ?

  2. admin says:

    No, but check the eBay auctions though under the main pictures for other Torinos for sale.

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