1966 GTO – Rust Bucket

Posted on Tuesday, November 1st

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1966-gto-rusted1966 Pontiac GTO 389

From the front this ’66 GTO doesn’t look like a bad restoration candidate. But then walk around to the drivers rear and whoooaaa! Where’s the rear quarter panel? Start looking a little closer and you’ll see this car is just waiting to fall apart. The trunk and floor pans are total swiss cheese. And that surface rust covering every body panel might come off with media blasting, but would probably leave enough pits to require a whole new skin of bondo.

It was a decently optioned Goat with a 389 cid engine, automatic transmission, air conditioning, power brakes and steering. But it’s probably not worth saving. If it had a tri-power with a 4 speed, then maybe.

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