1970 AMC Javelin

Posted on Wednesday, August 15th

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Project Javelin gets a new home

The new owner of this 1970 Javelin hopes to get it back and running soon. It’s an ambitious goal since so much of this muscle car is missing, but we applaud him for trying to bring it back. The previous owner got it for parts, but just felt there was too much of the car left to scrap it.

This Javelin started life with a 304 cid engine, automatic transmission and posi-traction rear end. Looks like there’s not much left since the entire drive train is missing. Maybe the new owner will make a restomod or drag racer out of it.

The 1970 was a one year only design for the Javelin. Although not a drastic change from 1969, the front end got a facelift¬† to a “twin-venturi” grille and longer hood. The back end got new wider tail lights and center mounted backup light. Different vinyl roof options were available, from the full vinyl to the “halo” where only part of the roof was covered. In true 60’s fashion you could also order the “Big Bad” paint package, which gave you a choice between neon blue, neon orange or neon green hues. You could probably get paisleys too if you pushed the dealer hard enough.

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Some AMC Javelins for sale now on eBay:

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