1970 Boss 302 Mustang Project

Posted on Wednesday, August 1st

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Rusty and stripped, but good restoration project

Here sits one of the all time classic muscle cars, a Boss 302 Mustang, but in pretty poor condition. It’s a genuine G code Boss 302 car and has the VIN and Marti report to prove it. Unfortunately the most important parts of this car are missing, including the engine and transmission. This Mustang project car is missing pretty much all of the special Boss 302 specific items including the C stripes down the hood and side, rear window shades, front spoiler and rear deck wing. The rust really got the better of her as she sat year after year in the northeast Maine weather. Check out the bottom of the shock towers and the completely rusted through floor pans.

Originally a D code “Bright Yellow” car, this particular Boss 302 was nicely optioned with power steering, power brakes, Magnum 500 wheels, full tach and gauges and a 4.30 locking differential. The Boss 302 was one of the greatest looking muscle cars that Ford put out, but it wasn’t just an appearance package. It also had the muscle to back up the name. Officially rated at 290 hp @ 4600 RPM, the special 302 small block was estimated to put out closer to 400 hp. A four speed manual (close or wide ratio) controlled the power to the rear Detroit “No-Spin” axles. To control all the horsepower in such a light frame the Boss 302 cars got suspension and brake upgrades as well; 11.3″ diameter front disc brakes, heavy duty rear drums, special high rate springs and Gabriel staggered shocks, larger axle shafts and 9″ nodular iron rear differential.


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