1957 Thunderbird Hotrod Project

Posted on Thursday, May 1st

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1955-thunderbird-fireUnfinished classic T-bird project car

The previous owner of this ’57 Tbird probably had the right idea to turn it into a hotrod or restomod. Granted, first generation Thunderbirds are worth a lot of money in nice restored or survivor condition, but this particular car just doesn’t have enough left to go down that road.

This car was stripped of most of it’s parts decades ago to build another T-bird. Realistically all this car has to offer now is a rolling shell. All the running gear is missing along with the interior and all the trim. The bumpers, glass, electrical system, brakes and exhaust have all been gutted, leaving just a Thunderbird body and not much else.

But that’s a really good starting place for someone who wants to build a restomod or hotrod. Can you imagine how much fun it would be to drive this classic Tbird with all modern drive train? Maybe a late model fuel injected 4.6L Mustang engine with 5 speed? Or maybe a DOHM 5.0 Ford Racing crate motor? Since this classic Thunderbird isn’t coming back to life as a restoration, why not a restomod? Sounds like a blast!

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