1967 Mercury Cougar XR-7 GT

Posted on Thursday, March 19th

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390 GT big block cat

There’s not much more than a shell left of this Cougar, but it could still make a good project car. Not only is it a factory big block GT, but it’s also an XR-7. 1967 was the first year for the Mercury Cougar, which was the luxury cousin to the wildly popular Ford Mustang. The XR-7 was an interior and appearance package including leather bucket seats, full instrumentation, wood grain dash, deluxe interior w/ consoles and XR-7 badges on the B pillars. Only about 2,700 Cougars were made in 1967 with both the GT and XR-7 packages.

The GT package included the 4 bbl 390 cid engine as well as heavy duty suspension. It was usually mated to a C6 automatic transmission like this example, but could also be ordered with a manual 4 speed.

This particular Cougar has been pretty well stripped, but the parts aren’t too hard to find. The original 390 FE engine is missing, but a replacement block can be found in any number of late 60’s Ford cars as donors. The Cougar/Mustang intake and exhaust manifolds are unique, but still able to be tracked down. You’d also have to find a donor for the many misc parts this Cougar is missing, like the hood, front grille (with hideaway headlamps), doors, trunk, tail lights, etc. But plain jane Cougars can be found pretty cheap and transfer those parts over to this factory big block GT XR-7 would give you a more sought after muscle car in the end.


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