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1967-68 Fastbacks

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1968-mustang-fastbacks-3Three 1967-68 Mustang Fastbacks

How would you like to stumble upon this find? Not one, not two, but three classic Mustang fastbacks. Two are 1968’s and one is a 1967. Having 3 shells to start with seems like a good deal at first, but as you study these neglected Muscle cars more the appeal starts to wear off. They all need the same things, so the strategy of combining into one nice project doesn’t work very well. They all need serious sheet metal work, especially Read the rest of this entry »


1963 Ford Galaxie 427

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1963-galaxie-427-0011963 Ford Galaxie

Submitted by the owner:

“Dad got the car from the original owner in the 90’s and been sitting since. We pulled the engine out awhile back and have been soaking it. Found the rear intake gasket blown out and the clutch was down to the rivets. Pulled the pan and the engine is clean as new, hope to unstick it and roll on. Even after sitting all those years there is no rust inside the bores as best I can see.” Read the rest of this entry »


1955 Corvette

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1955-corvette-011955 Corvette

Sometimes those stories about a dream car tucked away in some old guy’s barn aren’t too far off. Here’s a candidate for a really nice project. It’s a 1955 Corvette that looks to be Pennant Blue. This was a super rare color with only 45 produced because it was replaced early in 1955 with Harvest Gold.

Actually all of the 1955 Corvettes are very rare, with only 700 produced. This was compared to 3,640 made the year before. The release of Ford’s brand new Thunderbird was part of that sales decline and rumor was that the Corvette project would be short lived at GM.

Not much more info available on this car, but it sure would be fun to wrench on. Read the rest of this entry »


1965 Mustang Convertible

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1965-mustang-convertible-001965 Ford Mustang Convertible

How sad is this Mustang? They don’t get much more abused and neglected then what you see here. This ’65 convertible is so pitiful looking it’s almost funny. Almost. Here sits this iconic example of the Pony car era and it’s been reduced to sharing this scummy backyard with old appliances, broken down lawn mowers, Read the rest of this entry »


1966 GTO Tri-Power

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1966-gto-tri-power01966 Pontiac GTO Tri-Power

It’s hard to beat a factory Tr-Power GTO for wow factor. Plus it’s got a 4 speed transmission, 3.55 posi rear and power steering. This one looks like a decent candidate for a full restoration. Sure it has plenty of surface rust, but maybe not much structural cancer. Read the rest of this entry »