1969 Camaro Convertible

Posted on Saturday, March 7th

[ad name=”Adsense 468×15 text below title”]69-camaro-convertible2Brilliant. I mean, why wouldn’t you leave your 1969 Camaro convertible out in the snow?…with no top…gathering leaves & crap to let the rust go nuts! Man! Buy a $30 car cover!!!

This was originally a Lemans Blue car with white convertible top. It was only a 6 cylinder, but that’s still no way to treat a convertible Muscle Car!

The floor boards have more holes then metal. And check out that trunk. You’re not hiding any bodies in there. Except maybe field mice.

What a sad way to treat such a potentially great looking car.

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4 Responses to “1969 Camaro Convertible”

  1. Ed says:

    Yeah, that really is a shame to let such a collectible car like that go. But you see them all the time.

    There’s a Firebird down the street that’s been sitting with a tarp over it for years. It’s not in terrible shape, but getting more rusty all the time. I used to bug the guy every few months, but he always said he’s got big plans for it. Yeah, right!

  2. Brian says:

    What a shame! There were only 1,707 1969 Camaro convertible 6 cylinder cars built, making them incredibly rare. I’ve only found a couple within the past 2-3 years and they didn’t have the motors anymore. Most of these 6 cylinder cars have had the motors pulled in favor of a V-8. Do you know if this car still has its original motor/drive train with it? If so, is the car for sale and do you have the owner’s contact information? Again, what a shame!

  3. Chris Meeuwenoord says:

    Hi Brian
    A question ?
    I have a original maching numbers
    1969 camaro convertible rally sport 6 cilinder
    Do you know how many where build of this combination

  4. Kent Roemerman says:

    I am looking for a 1969 maybe probably SS Camaro to rebuild. 69 Camaro SS396 was my first car to own. I paid $595.00 for.If anyone can help me find one. I won’t be very appreciative. I am in Iowa.

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