1969 Dodge Charger 383

Posted on Thursday, December 15th

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1969-dodge-charger1969 Dodge Charger 383

You can tell this ’69 Charger has been sitting for years because of the trees growing around it. Those saplings have definitely sprouted up since the car was parked in this back lot. It looks like this Charger has a few other Dodge brothers keeping it company. They were probably all “going to be restored” at some point, but now just sit and rust.

The Charger in the photos is a factory 383 cid automatic car. It’s also an SE, which was a new appearance package for ’69. It included some chrome on the outside as well as interior upgrades like leather seat inserts and wood grain appointments.

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8 Responses to “1969 Dodge Charger 383”

  1. roman banuelos says:

    Where is this charger located at? im looking for a rusty car just like this one to restore.

  2. jesse burriss says:

    would love to visit junk yards like these. any ideas.

  3. Dre Walter says:

    looking for some leads on where i could find old cars like this. i wont to start a project car to restore. looking for a 68 to 70 charger.

  4. Morgan Wright says:

    any ideas on where I could find one of these it’s my favourite car and been trying to find one for a while

  5. Kyle pelphrey says:

    Just got out of the military and want a 69 charger it’s my dream car want one like this to completely restore

  6. Ruben says:

    I been looking for a car like this its my dream car im 17 looking for a 69 dodge charger

  7. Jonas says:

    I’ve seen this car up close. Good find to the iwner.

  8. amber lynn williams says:

    i been looking for old muscle cars like that one in i can’t find one i wish i could save it in restore it in repaint it so pretty just like my dreams i have a dream about this car buying it in fix it right up it turn out like the general lee car from dukes of Hazzard shows if noone’s want her i take her in give her good home for her she be so happy in me to i will dress it up like the general lee it going to sound good just like general lee with a brand new parts on it i be want one when i was 16 teen in never every got one now it time to look for one if i can find one somewhere

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