1964 Thunderbird buried in crap!

Posted on Saturday, March 1st

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1955-thunderbird-fireHidden 1964 T-bird

It took a good eye to even spot this 1964 Thunderbird under all the trash piled up around it. Hidden in a back yard that looks more like a junk yard, this T-bird might be worth saving… Or maybe not. You’d have to spend a day digging it out just to see what’s there.

1964 was the first year of the fourth generation Ford Thunderbird. Since it’s debut in 1965 each Tbird generation grew larger and more luxurious. What started as a light weight 2 seater sports car became a big block powered luxury cruiser. The 390 FE was the stock engine with it’s 428 cid big brother coming online at the end of the 4th generation. 1964 saw an almost 50% sales boost compared to the previous year and over 92,000 Tbirds rolled off the assembly line. There were three body style choices; convertible, ¬†Landau and¬†hardtop, like this example.

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1964 – 1966 Ford Thunderbirds for sale now on eBay:

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