1968 Charger HEMI

Posted on Saturday, February 1st

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1966-dodge-charger-04426 HEMI rotting in a junk yard!

More than 30 years ago this 1968 Charger R/T was stolen. Eventually the police recovered it, but then it sat and slowly got stripped of parts. The original 426 HEMI is lost, as is the factory column shift transmission, K frame and all tags.

This Charger R/T rolled off the assembly line clad in Dark Green paint with a white vinyl top. Unfortunately the roof metal under that vinyl top didn’t fair so well out in the weather for 3 decades. There’s some serious rust going there. And look at how much daylight you can see through those rear quarters and trunk floor! This one would be a challenging restoration for sure, even if you could locate a replacement 426 HEMI to go back under the hood.

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One Response to “1968 Charger HEMI”

  1. Branden says:

    If anyone knows where this car is sitting I would love to know. Would be willing to pay a pretty penny for it. Hopefully this car doesn’t get lost to rust away anymore than it already is or even crushed. Serious interest in this car.

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