1968 Dodge Charger

Posted on Sunday, September 4th

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1966-dodge-charger-041968 Dodge Charger 383

Here’s a General Lee wannabe that’s been sitting for a few years (check out the Confederate flag sticker in the rear window). The guy said his buddy owned it, but keeps saying it’s going to be restored some day. How many times have you heard that one?

It’s rough, but mostly intact. The original motor was a fairly common 383 cid 2-bbl. No 426 Hemi or 440 triple two-barrel in this old Charger. But it still has quite a bit going for it as a restoration candidate. 1968 was the first of the “coke bottle” or “double diamond” body style. These nicknames refer to the side profile where both front and rear fenders flare up giving a shape similar to a coke bottle on it’s side. These were great looking cars and really exemplify the true muscle car era.

This particular 1968 Charger will definitely need some rust repair. The trunk floor, roof, rear quarter panel, lower patch panel and battery tray are first on the list of serious body cancer to be tackled. But it will be a nice restoration when complete.

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2 Responses to “1968 Dodge Charger”

  1. addison says:

    This is such a beautiful car to just let rust away.

  2. Tyler says:

    This car needs to be being chased buy Rosco or needs to be running Moon Shine or just tearing up Atalanta. if i had it i wouldn’t let it sit n rust its just a waste of one sexy ass car

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