1967 Mustang “Eleanor” Fastback

Posted on Wednesday, January 11th

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1967 Fastback – Eleanor?!?!?

If I see one more person call their project Mustang an “Eleanor” I’m going to lose my head. C’mon people! “Gone in 60 Seconds” came out almost a dozen years ago. Not every freakin’ Mustang fastback is an Eleanor in the making!

OK, that being said, this particular ’67 fastback 2+2 wouldn’t be a bad restoration project. It’s been sitting out in the snow for many winters and needs some serious TLC, but it’s a good base to work from. The body is decently straight with some accident damage to the radiator support.  The engine is missing, but it’s just a plane jane C code 289, so pretty easy to find a replacement. Or better yet dump a modern 5.0 L in there and create a nice running restomod.

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