1967 High Country Special

Posted on Monday, June 21st

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1967 Mustang High Country Special Convertible

Well, you don’t see one of these every day! Yes, yes… I know that’s a bad cliche, but this is one of those rare instances where it’s very true.

The High Country Special was one of the earliest factory limited edition Mustangs. Ford went pretty crazy in 1967 & 1968 with California Specials, Color of the Month Mustangs, Gold Nugget Specials, Lone Star Limited, Ski Country Specials and so on. But the High Country Special actually started with very little fan fare back in 1966, when 333 Mustangs were painted one of three special colors, given a fender badge and sent to Denver, Colorado dealers. The HCS edition continued as the same package in 1967 with only 416 made. There were also HCS Mustangs in 1968, although in ’68 they were related closer to their sister car, the California Special, rather than the earlier 66 & 67 HCS versions. Read more below the photos.
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The thing that not all Mustang enthusiasts know is the earlier 1966 & 1967 High Country Specials could be any body style with any engine. So while many were coupes, there were a handful of fastback and convertible HCS cars as well in those years.

This rare example needs quite a bit of work, but it will definitely be worth it for the right owner. A car this unique will bring a ton of attention at shows once it’s brought back to life. There were 416 HCS cars made in 1967. Some sources state that only 37 of those were convertibles, although I’ve not seen a Marti report or other evidence of that number. This one was a fairly tame car other than the HCS package. It came with the C code 2 bbl 289 engine and common C4 automatic. Special paint color is Aspen Gold, designated by a 6 digit DSO on the data tag. It did have power steering and a power top, which are really nice features for a driver.
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