1969 Mach 1

Posted on Wednesday, March 25th

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1969-mach-1-31969 Mustang Mach 1

Original Mach 1’s are getting harder to find, so this Silver Jade specimen really isn’t too bad a project once you get past the rust. And there’s a lot of that. The surface rust on this Mustang looks horrible, but a trip to the media blaster would probably clean that up pretty well. The structural rust is a bigger concern. It needs floor pans, trunk (floor and drop offs), torque box and rear quarter at a minimum.

Aside from the desirable Mach 1 package, this car also had front disc brakes and power steering. The engine was the fairly common 351-2V with an FMX automatic, although someone replaced the motor mounts to get a 390 or 428 FE big block in there.

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