Pair of 1967 Cougars

Posted on Friday, June 1st

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1967-cougars-in-back-yardTwo 1967 Cougar Lawn Ornaments

Thanks to Bob N. for submitting these two Mercury Cougars sitting in a backyard he passed while traveling. It looks like one of those backyards that’s slowly evolving into a junk yard.

No real specifics on these cats. The rust colored (no pun intended) one looks like it may be an XR-7 based on what’s left of the leather interior. This was the luxury version of the Cougar and included deluxe leather seats, woodgrain dash, upper and lower consoles and a console mounted clock. These two Cougars are both small blocks. They could have been either of the 289 cid engines available in 1967; 200 hp 2 bbl or 225 hp 4 bbl. But neither has the big block S-code 390 GT or even more rare X-code 390 2bbl.

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