1968 Cougar Convertible

Posted on Tuesday, September 27th

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1967-cougars-in-back-yardThe Cougar that Mercury never made

It’s a safe bet that this is probably the first ’68 Cougar convertible you’ve ever seen. That’s because Mercury never made one. The Cougar started in 1967, but they were hard tops only. It wasn’t until 1969 that a convertible Cougar was offered for sale.

This 1968 cat is a project car that never got completed. The owner chopped off the top and started the conversion to create a one-off convertible. The idea was to use it’s cousin, the Mustang for parts but it didn’t ever get the attention it deserved. So now it’s a half done project that needs a lot of peices to finish it up. The top was chopped, but not stabilized, so several reinforcement panels and connecting panels need to be welded in to stiffen the body like the convertible Mustangs of that era.

Once it’s finished this would be a very cool and unique car. A great conversation piece at local cruises or shows.

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