1968 Cougar Project Car

Posted on Sunday, March 31st

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1968-cougar-428-cj-1’68 Cougar XR-7 project found

Robert submitted these photos of a project he recently picked up for himself. It turned out to be more work than he expected, but isn’t that always the case with classic muscle cars? Thanks Robert and enjoy your new toy!

“Found this one on Craigslist in Sarasota, Florida… I purchased it sight unseen except for a few pictures. I had it hauled to the house by Seven Star Transport… No motor, transmission. The rear end that was under it was held in place by chains to roll it around.

When it arrived I really was disappointed and the wife looked at me like I was crazy. After I put it on blocks I took time to look it over and started seeing a lot of work that was done by the last owner. The car was a shell and nothing more. After replacing the doors, hood, trunk and other body parts, I now have a rust free project. So far it’s gone well and the parts are being located to put this one back to original except for the paint… It will stay Daytona Yellow. I think I can finish it up for a little under $7,000.00″

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  1. Robert Winters says:

    Car is actually better now Fixed it up ALOT and it looks better than it did before.

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