1969 Road Runner

Posted on Sunday, February 8th

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1969-roadrunner-11969 Plymouth Road Runner

Another great car that sat neglected in a field for way too long. This is an original 383-4v car with automatic tranny. But at some point someone decided they’d rather haveĀ  a 4 speed and so butchered it and ripped out the original transmission.

This Roadrunner was ordered without many options; no AC, stock non-power drum brakes, AM radio, vinyl top. It was originally Green Limelight with green interior and green vinyl top. Gotta love those late 60’s color schemes!

The paint job looks like it was either in a fire or some kid from the local community college used it as his body shop test bed. What do you think? 4-5 coats of paint are on that car?

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Plymouth Roadrunners for sale now on eBay:

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