1969 AMX 390

Posted on Monday, August 9th

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1969 AMX by AMC

Check out this ’69 AMX rolling chassis. The original 390 cid engine and “Shift Command” 3 speed automatic are long gone. But hey, that’s just the excuse you were looking for to make a Pro-street drag car, right? And the blown motor you were going to cram in there would require a wicked hood scoop anyway, so the fact that the hood is MIA isn’t a problem either.

The rust looks pretty bad, but certainly not something a decent body man couldn’t salvage. Of course it always looks worse in person than in photos. At minimum you’d need to replace the rear quarter panels and whatever other ugly surprises waiting for you after you had it media blasted. I’s probably take it back to it’s original Pompeii Yellow color.  It’s a factory disc brake car, and luckily they’re still intact along with the front suspension components.

If you’re into the more unique muscle cars that AMC put out this AMX would be a good choice. Hey, it’s already on a trailer!

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Some AMC AMX literature for sale now on eBay:

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  1. Kevin Corcorran says:

    After looking for a long time for a donor car I got a call from a guy named Craig Wagner who builds Pro Mod drag cars. We agreed on a price and it should be pounding the drag strips by spring. His website is nitrousattitude.com. It was a hard decision with 19,134 made but part of their heritage was drag racing.

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