1965 GTO 389

Posted on Monday, July 12th

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1965 GTO for sale1965 Pontiac GTO

This would be an excellent restoration project if the guy could ever be convinced to part with her. But apparently several attempts have been made, but he’s not biting. It’s supposedly been verified by PHS as a true GTO.

It rolled off the assembly line as a 389 4bbl car with the Turbo Hydra-Matic automatic transmission, console equipped floor shifter. Not as rare as the Tri-Power (triple 2 bbl carbs) but certainly no slouch where the gas pedal is concerned. Color was originally Fontaine Blue with a Medium Blue interior, but looks like things have changed over the years.

It also seems to be missing some parts. The hood, door, driver’s seat and bumpers wouldn’t be too tough to locate. The grill might be another story, although they are out there for a price. And who knows what’s packed into the cockpit. Check out the last photo. That thing could have another whole car parted out inside of it!

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