1963 Buick Skylark Convertible

Posted on Thursday, August 1st

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1968-cougar-428-cj-1’63 Skylark tucked behind a shed

Not exactly a speed demon, but this Buick Skylark convertible would be a cool little drop top project car. It’s been sitting forgotten next to someone’s shed for years. From the crap piled on top it looks like it was used as a storage shed itself!
The engine is there, but missing the intake manifold and several other components. The convertible top is long since gone, so unfortunately that means decades of rain and snow have been eating a the floor boards. All the floors and trunk are pretty much swiss cheese with rust. On the bright side, it looks like most of the chrome trim is there and in good shape! Hey, it’s something!

The 1961-1963 Skylark was actually the second generation. The first Roadmaster Skylarks to hit the pavement were in 1953 & 1954. Then there was a 7 year break in production before starting up again in 1961. The 1963 had slightly different sheetmetal and was a on-off year for styling. 1965 saw the 3rd generation Skylark.

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