1969 Torino Talladega 428 CJ

Posted on Sunday, September 1st

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1969 Ford Torino “Field Find” – 428 Cobra Jet

Not exactly a “barn find”, but this very rare Torino Talladega has been sitting in a pasture since 1989. The current owner dragged it out of the field, severe rust and all, with the intention of parting it out. But when he realized how rare the car was he decided to sell it complete with the hopes that someone would take on the challenge to restore it.

There were only 750 Talladega cars produced and they were only made in 1969. NASCAR stock car rules at the time required that at least 500 production models be manufactured in order for a vehicle to qualify to race. So Ford sold these limited number of special edition Torinos to the public, supposedly taking a severe loss on every one. They were based on the Fairlane Cobra Sportsroof, but with some altered sheet metal. The front nose was lengthened and received a special flush grille for improved aerodynamics.

Even though the actual race models were powered by the 427 FE side oiler, the production models got the more street friendly 428 Cobra Jet motor mated to a heavy duty C6 automatic transmission. Unfortunately the original drivetrain are long gone from this Talladega. But the rare 31 spline 9″ nodular rear end is still there along with the factory front disc brakes.

This is a solid restoration candidate of a very low production, race inspired musclecar just begging to be brought back to life.

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