1970 Challenger R/T

Posted on Monday, February 16th

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70-dodge-challenger-rt11970 Dodge Challenger R/T

Here’s a numbers matching 383 car with a slap stick automatic transmission. The original Plum Crazy purple exterior paint has been replaced by a wonderfully blah cream color at some point. Or maybe that’s just really old and faded primer on a half-assed past restoration attempt.

The “R/T” package (or Road/Track) was the performance version of the Dodge Challenger. It came with heavy duty suspension and a hood with 2 nice looking, but non-functional scoops.

This one came with the base package engine; the 335 hp 383. You could also upgrade to either of two 440 engines or the legendary 426 Hemi. Obviously those are much more valuable now then this 383 car, but it would still be a fun project. The 440 Magnum was a 4 barrel offering 375 hp. The second 440 was the tri-carb Six Pack at 390 hp. Then the fire breathing 426 Hemi at a conservatively rated 425 hp.

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Dodge Challenger’s for sale now on eBay:

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4 Responses to “1970 Challenger R/T”

  1. shane chastain says:

    Im interested in doing something real crazy with an old challenger such as this… Im going to cut it apart and turn it into a trike with a v8 motor and keep the back seat and trunk except it will be cut down to total width of 4.5 ft… if you can stand to have your car cut up like that email me back a price on everything you got.. I wanted a convertible so the chop would be cleaner and easier but this car is nice for my purpose.. Unfortunalty i dont have 20000 dollars to put in to restoring it. let me know

  2. mason says:

    if you find the seller or can figure out where the car is contact me, i have been searching for a 1970 challenger project for some time now, and its frustrating to see this car rusting in the bottom of a creek bed, and no one knows who to contact. and really, make it a trike? are you freakin kidding me? unrestored challengers for decent prices are a dime a dozen these days

  3. joel says:

    Please make your trike out of a coupe. There are so few convertibles that it gives me shivers to hear that you would do that to a convertible….nothing personal, just sounds like a BAD idea to a Mopar lover like me!

  4. Leonard Cameron says:

    Are you out of your mind why would you make a rare Challenger into a trike you are crazy!

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