1963 Ford Galaxie 427

Posted on Tuesday, April 14th

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1963-galaxie-427-0011963 Ford Galaxie

Submitted by the owner:

“Dad got the car from the original owner in the 90’s and been sitting since. We pulled the engine out awhile back and have been soaking it. Found the rear intake gasket blown out and the clutch was down to the rivets. Pulled the pan and the engine is clean as new, hope to unstick it and roll on. Even after sitting all those years there is no rust inside the bores as best I can see.”

Here are some stats on this rare big block Ford:

Mileage: 95175

Vin: 3N64Qxxxxxx

Vin breakdown:

3 = 1963

N = Assembly Plant Norfolk

64 = Model 4-Door Hardtop

Q = Engine 8-Cylinder 427 Cubic Inch (4-barrel High Perf.)

Body: 75A 4-Door Hardtop

Color: JM Rangoon Red/Corinthian White

Trim: 95A Vahette Vinyl and Crush Vinyl Red and Red

Date: 10F 10th day of June

DSO: 26 Washington

Axle: 5 3.50:1

Trans: 5 4-Speed Manual-Shift

Engine casting numbers:

Intake: C3AE-8424-E

Heads: C3AE-6090-D


Cast headers: C2AE-9430-B


Block: 4 23 HP

HP 34

C3A 2


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2 Responses to “1963 Ford Galaxie 427”

  1. tim says:

    sorry but Q does not stand for 427 . R code is the 427. Q is 390

  2. admin says:

    Actually Q and R are both 427 engines. You might be thinking of the 1962 Galaxie. That year the Q was a 390.


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