1955 Corvette

Posted on Thursday, April 9th

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1955-corvette-011955 Corvette

Sometimes those stories about a dream car tucked away in some old guy’s barn aren’t too far off. Here’s a candidate for a really nice project. It’s a 1955 Corvette that looks to be Pennant Blue. This was a super rare color with only 45 produced because it was replaced early in 1955 with Harvest Gold.

Actually all of the 1955 Corvettes are very rare, with only 700 produced. This was compared to 3,640 made the year before. The release of Ford’s brand new Thunderbird was part of that sales decline and rumor was that the Corvette project would be short lived at GM.

Not much more info available on this car, but it sure would be fun to wrench on.

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