1968 Gold Nugget

Posted on Wednesday, February 11th

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gold-nugget-in-weeds-41968 Golden Nugget Special Mustang

The Ford marketing team and dealerships did a lot in the 60’s with regional promotional Specials. The 1968 Gold Nugget Special was one of those. It was an appearance package only. No performance goodies. The Golden Nuggets received special ‘Sunlit Gold” paint, black out hood stripes and a black vinyl top.

This sorry example rusting away in the weeds is the real deal.  The DSO code reads 74-1111 with the extra “1111” digits signifying the special paint color. These are rare cars with only 481 built. You might see a different production number of 525 floating around, but it’s not correct. 525 is how many Ford planned on building as evidenced by dealer newspaper ads at the time. But the 481 number is actual production as verified by a Marti Report.

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2 Responses to “1968 Gold Nugget”

  1. 68guy says:

    I remember reading something about these being only sold in the Northwest area. Sort of like a California Special, except for a different state. Or were they sold everywhere? And wondering if this was a dealer created special or a factory one.

  2. admin says:

    Yes, they were sold out of Seattle sales district. That’s the “74” in the 6 digit DSO.

    It was a factory special. The Seattle dealerships may have pushed for the package to be built, but they were built at the factory.

    Thanks for the comments.

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