1968 Cougar 428 CJ

Posted on Saturday, February 7th

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1968-cougar-428-cj-1Rare 428 Cobra Jet Cougar

Here’s one you don’t see every day. It’s a factory R code 428 CJ Cougar. And no, it’s not a GTE, which is how most of the 428 & 427 Cougars were sold. It’s confirmed with a Marti report that this is one of 101 built.

In addition to the 428 CJ engine, this cat is also an XR-7 which meant it came with the deluxe leather interior, faux wood grain dash panels, lower console with clock, and XR-7 badging. The XR-7 package came out mid-year in 1967 and was very popular. Mercury sold over 32,000 XR-7’s in 1968, which accounted for almost a third of the total production.

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One Response to “1968 Cougar 428 CJ”

  1. Edgar N. says:

    Wow! That is certainly a rare Cougar. I’ve owned both a ’68 GT-E and a ’67 GT 390 big block. I regret selling both.

    I’ve never really understood why Cougars haven’t taken off in the muscle car markets like Mustangs. I personally like the more aggressive look of the Cougar.

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