1965 GTO

Posted on Saturday, February 21st
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1965-gto-31965 Pontiac GTO

This would be a sweet little project Goat. It's a 1965 GTO and has obviously been sitting, but really looks worse then it is. The rust is there and would need to be dealt with, but if the price was right it could be worth dealing with the cancer.

Owner says it has a 389 in it with an automatic trans behind. Looks like the interior has been partially torn down (no dash guages) and some stuff doesn't appear correct for this year.

But it runs, so there's a start!

Pontiac GTO's for sale now on eBay:

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2 Responses to “1965 GTO”

  1. jonathan munoz says:

    i am interested in the 1965 gto if you could please contact me through emai.

  2. admin says:

    Sorry, but there’s no contact info. Not even sure this GTO is for sale, or if the person submitting just took some pics of a project in the works.

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