1965 Mustang Convertible

Posted on Saturday, April 4th

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1965-mustang-convertible-001965 Ford Mustang Convertible

How sad is this Mustang? They don’t get much more abused and neglected then what you see here. This ’65 convertible is so pitiful looking it’s almost funny. Almost. Here sits this iconic example of the Pony car era and it’s been reduced to sharing this scummy backyard with old appliances, broken down lawn mowers, used tires, cinder blocks… and what looks to be a stuffed animal hanging by a noose.


But, back to the car. This thing is just beat. Every body panel has some serious rust or collision damage. It looks like it was painted with water based house paint. And cheap house paint at that. In addition to the rust it looks like it actually has moss growing on it. You know that thing’s been sitting there a long time if it’s got fungus growing on it! And of course the convertible top disintegrated years ago, which means the interior is absolutely trashed from sitting out in the snow and rain. Floor boards aren’t shown in these pics, but I bet you could still your feet right through them to the ground.

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1964 1/2 & 1966 Mustangs for sale now on eBay:

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3 Responses to “1965 Mustang Convertible”

  1. Perry Liston says:

    I’m going to bookmark this blogg on Dilicious to get more views for you.

  2. ray demat says:

    Tell me how to save this poor neglected baby

  3. admin says:

    @ Ray – I really wish I could, but there wasn’t any contact info given. I think it’s one of those cases where the owner still thinks he’ll restore it someday and isn’t interested in selling. He’d rather let it just rust away to nothing. Really a shame.

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